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Linda Johnson and Michelle Tucker of Spring Buyers Agency

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Respected on the Central Coast for their real estate expertise, innate knowledge of the region and expansive network of professional contacts, Michelle Tucker and Linda Johnson are determined to create a better experience for property buyers. Michelle and Linda carry over three decades of experience across various sectors of the real estate industry and are dedicated to simplifying the buying process, ensuring every buyer has the expert advice they need and the enjoyable journey they deserve.

Michelle: 0424 192 309 or Linda: 0429 035 355

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People under-estimate the process of buying property. Most only buy property once or twice in a lifetime and there are many common pitfalls, which can lead to costly mistakes and other enduring implications. Buying property is becoming increasingly more complex and competitive with vendors professionally represented by agents and buyers left to their own devices – the power is biased! Find out how we level up the playing field.

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What services do we offer?

Our most popular service! Finding your dream home is an exceptional feeling. Locating the right investment is strategic and financial. We take care of the entire process end to end; so that you can rest easy knowing that any frustrations, negotiations, twists and turns will be ours to handle!

This service is best suited for buyers who have the time, resources and confidence in sourcing potential properties but would like more support during the negotiation phase. The Evaluate and Negotiate Service provides a full market analysis and price assessment of the property.

Bidding on a property can be a completely nerve-racking experience. The energy is intense, the bidding is quick and emotions are running at an all-time high. It can also be confusing to understand the process, rules and conditions of purchasing a property at auction.

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