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Spring Buyers Agency has transacted millions of dollars worth of property and assisted hundreds of buyers and sellers as real estate professionals.

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Linda Johnson and Michelle Tucker of Spring Buyers Agency

Spring Buyers Agency makes property buying smooth, transparent and enjoyable

Respected on the Central Coast for their real estate expertise, innate knowledge of the region and expansive network of professional contacts, Spring Buyers Agency are creating better experiences for property buyers. Michelle Tucker and Linda Johnson carry over four decades of experience across various sectors of the real estate industry. Dedicated to streamlining the buying process, they ensure every type of property buyer has expert advice and an enjoyable experience during their buying journey.

Michelle: 0424 192 309 or Linda: 0429 035 355

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Looking for your dream home or investment property on the Central Coast? Spring Buyers Agency will save you time and money.

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Why use a buyer's agent?

The Central Coast is a spectacular place to live, providing excellent opportunities to buy your dream home, or investment property.

Many buyers under-estimate the process of purchasing property. Most only buy property once or twice in a lifetime and there are many common pitfalls that can lead to costly mistakes and other enduring implications. 

Buying property on the Central Coast is becoming increasingly more complex and competitive. Vendors are professionally represented by selling agents while buyers are left to their own devices. The power is biased! 

Find out how Spring Buyers Agency act as your advocate and level up the playing field.

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Dispelling Myths & Creating Confidence

UnReal Estate Podcast

Michelle Tucker and Linda Johnson bring you the UnReal Estate Podcast, an honest conversation about buying property on the Central Coast and beyond.

Learn from their extensive experience as buyers agents, sales agents and property managers, as they debunk myths and misconceptions, providing insights that will help you move confidently through your real estate journey.

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